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LongHorn Steakhouse is a Texan-themed restaurant chain specializing in various kinds of steak. The restaurant was founded by George McKerrow in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, the restaurant chain has grown to nearly 500 locations across the United States with international locations in the works. Even though the restaurant is a steakhouse, it still serves many other dishes. The other dishes at LongHorn steakhouse include burgers, sandwiches, fish, chicken tenders, and many more. Since the menus of LongHorn Steakhouse differ according to location, the nutrition also differs depending on where you eat. There are however dishes that are consistent in most of the restaurant’s branches and those offer similar nutrition.

A LongHorn steak on the grill

The LongHorn Steakhouse Menu

The items on LongHorn Steakhouse’s menu vary according to location. The restaurant has a very extensive menu containing all major entrees that is to say chicken, steak, and seafood. The menu is divided into 8 categories; appetizers, steaks & combos, chicken & seafood, salads, sides & soups, desserts, drinks & beverages, and the kids’ menu. Each category has a wide variety of options but as one would expect, the steaks have the most options.

The restaurant also has special menus for customers with special nutritional needs for example gluten-free menu, keto menu, and allergen guide menus.

LongHorn Steakhouse nutrition

LongHorn’s Calories are some of the best in the steak game

The food from LongHorn Steakhouse has calories ranging from medium to high. How low LongHorn’s calories are becomes even more evident if you compare the restaurant to other steakhouses such as Outback. The calorie content and composition of the food differ according to food type as you will see below.


The calories from the steaks range from as low as 320 to more than 1000kcal. This is impressive for a steakhouse since other steakhouses like Outback have steaks well over 2,000kcal. Out of the 15 steaks, only 4 cross the 1,000kcal mark; Fire-Grilled T-Bone (18oz), The LongHorn (22oz), USDA Prime Delmonico (16oz), and the Outlaw Ribeye (20oz).

The USDA Prime Delmonico, one of LongHorn’s higher calories steaks

Beyond steaks: Chicken, ribs and seafood

Among the non-steak entrees, the calorie content is similar to that of the steaks. The entrees range from 230 to 1630kcal. Only 2 dishes are over 1,000kcal; baby back ribs (full rack) and Parmesan crusted chicken (12oz). The baby back ribs (full rack) have the highest calorie content among all LongHorn dishes. For a low-calorie entree, shrimp dishes are the best option having as little as 200 calories per serving.


LongHorn serves a variety of sides that fall into two categories; carbs and vegetables. The carbohydrate sides include rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and French fries. As you would expect, the most nutritious sides are the vegetable sides since they have the lowest calorie content and highest vitamin and mineral content. However, if you want something more palatable than steamed broccoli but still nutritious, sweet potatoes are another solid option.

Salads and sauces

You can never go wrong with a good salad. LongHorn serves both side and entrée salads. LongHorn Steakhouse side salads are a great way of adding more nutrition to meals that could be lacking. The entree salads make for a great complete meal rich in most nutrients. When in doubt, just order an entree salad to give you a combination of taste and nutrition.

A LongHorn entrée salad complete with steak, potatoes, and vegetables

LongHorn serves a wide range of delicious sauces to go with their dishes. the sauces include ranch dressing, vinaigrette, blue cheese, and honey mustard. Unless you truly enjoy a sauce to complete your meal, it is advisable to skip it. The sauces are very high in calories sometimes as much as the main meal itself. A good low-calorie option is always vinaigrette but even the lowest in calories is 200kcal.

Desserts and Beverages

All of LongHorn’s desserts are unreasonably high in calories. Whenever possible, avoid the desserts since they barely have any nutrition to offer anyway.

LongHorn has a larger than usual drinks menu. This is because they also serve alcohol, unlike most restaurant chains. The alcoholic beverages have a wider range than the non-alcoholic ones. LongHorn’s alcoholic beverages include beers, wines, and cocktails more specifically margaritas. It goes without saying that alcoholic beverages are only for treating yourself and should not be used as a source of nutrients. One beverage can run you as high as 600 calories per serving which is nearly the total number of calories you should have at your meal. Always opt for water unless you feel like something more. Tea is another tasty healthy beverage.

Macronutrients at LongHorn Steakhouse

At a steakhouse, there are two macronutrients you will find in abundance and those are fats and protein. Beef is one of the best sources of protein but it comes with a high amount of fat. Fortunately for their customers, LongHorn minimizes the amount of fat used in cooking their steaks. The steaks have good fat contents except for a few (the 3 named with the highest calories). In addition to the steaks, LongHorn serves other rich sources of protein such as fish and chicken. Fish/seafood is an especially good protein source since it comes with a good amount of healthy fats.

In the case of carbohydrates, you can get them from LongHorn’s sides such as potatoes, French fries, and rice. LongHorn does not use large amounts of sugar in their cooking but you will get a lot from the desserts and beverages. To add more fiber to your meal, opt for a veggie side or salad entree.

If you are on a ketogenic diet, there are a number of dishes you can enjoy. Simply grab a steak without the carbohydrate side and replace it with a veggie side instead. LongHorn takes it a step further and provides a menu for ketogenic eaters on their website.

Cholesterol and sodium

Cholesterol and sodium are a steakhouse’s worst nightmare. Meat is very high in cholesterol causing steaks to have high amounts as well. The fat used during cooking may also add more cholesterol to the steaks.

Sodium is high in steaks because of the high amount of salt restaurants use to give a strong flavor. Both cholesterol and sodium are main risk factors for heart disease and for this reason, you should limit the number of times you eat LongHorn’s steaks. Adding greens to your meal will help reduce both the amount of cholesterol and sodium that goes into your body so again, get greens with your meal.


LongHorn provides a menu that shows all allergens present in every dish. The menu can be difficult to read if you do not know the dish you are going to order. The menu would be more user-friendly if it was to be interactive like that of Firehouse Subs and MOD Pizza. For those on a gluten-free diet, it is much easier to navigate the menu as it is indicated with the letter “G” if a dish is gluten-free.

Some of the allergens present in LongHorn’s food include soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, dairy, wheat, shellfish, and gluten.

A review of LongHorn Steakhouse nutrition

LongHorn Steakhouse nutrition gets a 3-star rating out of 5. The 3 stars are for the healthy options they have on their menu like salads and veggie sides. The stars are also for the different menus they provide for different nutrition goals. The kids’ menu is especially rich in nutritious foods packed with vegetables.

However, beyond this, LongHorn Steakhouse does not show much concern for the nutrition composition of their food. The company seems to speak a lot more about caring about the nutritional well-being of their customers than doing something about it.

In conclusion, you should consider LongHorn a place to treat yourself but not a regular place to eat unless you trust yourself to always stick to the healthier options.

Common Questions

How many calories are in LongHorn Steakhouse steak?

In general, LongHorn steaks have a fairly low calorie count. However, some steaks are quite high in calories surpassing 1000kcal.

What is healthy to eat at LongHorn Steakhouse?

If you want a healthy meal at LongHorn, opt for a low fat steak with a sweet potato side and a side salad or a veggie side.

Is LongHorn Steakhouse keto-friendly?

Yes, LongHorn has a variety of dishes that are suitable for the ketogenic diet. Even better the restaurant has a menu that is specific for keto eaters.

What food does LongHorn Steakhouse serve?

LongHorn specializes in steak but also offers a wide array of foods including seafood, chicken, burgers, and many more.

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