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Ruby Tuesday Inc. is an American international retailer of food services. It owns, runs, and franchises restaurants on Ruby Tuesday. Samuel E. Beall III began the idea in 1972. The company was founded as a reincorporation of Morrison Restaurants Inc. in 1996.

If you know how to find them, it is a popular casual restaurant that offers a variety of healthy choices. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to end up with a meal that is too high in salt, sugar, or calories.

Front view of restaurant

Their flagship brand is an American cuisine casual dining restaurant chain. They have outlets outside the Pacific Coast states in the United States. The highest density of locations is on the United States’ eastern coast.

The name of the restaurant was taken from the song “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones. It was popular during the first restaurant’s inception.

The name was proposed by Bob Hope to the creator, Sandy Beall.

History of Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday Inc. became Morrison Restaurants Inc.’s legal successor. It was incorporated in Mobile, Alabama. In addition to their flagship Ruby Tuesday brand, at the time of distribution, Ruby Tuesday Inc. owned several other restaurant brands. It included L&N Seafood Grill, Mozzarella’s Café, Silver Spoon Café, and Tia’s Tex-Mex.

In November 2000, they completed the sale to Specialty Restaurant Company of all restaurant brands (except for Ruby Tuesday). Hence, this divestiture allowed this restaurant to focus exclusively on the growth and development of its brand of the same name.

Headquarters of Ruby Tuesday

This chain moved its main headquarters from Mobile, Alabama, to Maryville, Tennessee, in the summer of 1998. It is just 15 miles south of where the company was present. The restaurant has a support center and an on-site training facility named the Center for Leadership Excellence. They are included in this area (formerly known as WOW-U).

These facilities are used by the company’s executives, restaurant managers, and chefs. However, they have an internal troubleshooting department, production center, test kitchen, and corporate office.

Marketing Strategy

The company started a series of dramatic changes to its brand identity in 2007. The modifications were made to shift the consumer view of the brand out of the casual dining industry’s ‘bar-and-grill’ division.

The same year, they were featured at the opening of their Times Square venue. Pentagram concept studios were hired to help create a new public visual identity for the brand as part of the changes.

A new logo set in Clarendon was created by the design team. The standard color scheme was changed. All new packaging was made to advertise the renamed Ruby TueGo carryout service.

An amazing and spacious restaurant of Ruby Tuesday

They removed their novelty wall artifacts, faux Tiffany lamps, and dated furnishings. It also started remodeling the entire suite of restaurants.

A new menu of higher-quality food and drinks, updated service methods, high-definition televisions, and a free Wi-Fi network open to guests continued with the upgrade.


American cuisine is mainly provided by Ruby Tuesday. It includes all-natural chicken, pasta, pork ribs, soups, steak, and seafood. However, because of their salad bar and hamburgers, the brand is still widely popular.

They have been staples of the chain since its inception. A full bar serving cocktails, beer, and wine are also available in all of the restaurants.

The wine menu was most recently changed in November 2011 to introduce what the brand is calling Cultivate Wines.

A separate menu is available for placing bulk take-out or catering orders. The company revealed its agreement with ezCater on January 25, 2012. It was to help improve catering revenue for the company.

Dietary Concerns

This business was the country’s first major national casual dining chain to post specific nutritional details on their menus. They reduced the inclusion to a more subtle item-specific format, called the “Smart-Eating” portion.

Ruby Tuesday initially posted this information for all menu items (currently labeled as “Fit & Trim”). Data on dietary and allergen sensitivity for the whole menu is available. The company updated and rewrote a portion of their drink recipes in early 2011 to include trendy skinny cocktails.

Healthy Menu Tips

Menu items for this restaurant differ by location and vary from time to time. There is a helpful tool available on their website. If you have any allergies or special nutritional considerations, this tool helps you find healthy food choices that suit your dietary restrictions.

Here are some general tips for healthy eating at this restaurant.

Try the “Fit and Trim” selections

A number of its menu items are classified as ‘Fit and Slim’ if you’re not sure where to start. When ordered with grilled zucchini and rice as your sides, these include 700 calories or less per meal. So, you can avoid over-sized meal portions by selecting from the “Fit and Trim” options.

Go for the salad bar

With over 50 ingredients, it offers an Infinite Garden Bar. You can add the Veggie Trio to your order for an extra dose of vegetables and get three hot veggie sides in addition to your salad. Selecting the salad bar would allow you to control the amount of dressing and toppings that you want to add. Some of the salad options might give you more calories than expected.

Make the most of your sides

Sides are an ideal opportunity to improve your meal’s nutritional value. The healthier choices at this chain are steam broccoli, green beans, and grilled zucchini.

Split your meal at Ruby Tuesday

It offers tons of tasty menu items, such as protein, vitamins, and fiber, which have nutritional benefits. Consider sharing with a friend to stop overeating if you want to go for a steak, fish, seafood, or pasta entree. When selecting a more decadent main course, skipping the appetizer, dessert, and beverages will also help you save those empty calories.

There may not be a better choice than Ruby Tuesday if you want to have an unlimited salad bar option. However, navigating its menu pack with options can prove to be a challenge. It happens if you are trying to slash calories and are in the mood for anything from a steak to salmon.

It’s okay to select your meal based on taste alone when you’re dining out on a special occasion. The behaviors you do every day are more likely than your once-in-a-while decisions to affect your health.

Food served at Ruby

However, if you eat out regularly, being more selective about the menu items you select is a good idea.

Meals at restaurants tend to be less healthy than the meals we prepare at home for ourselves. So, it is possible to eat out in this restaurant while still maintaining a healthy weight with proper preparation. Add some basic changes with the balance of a physically active lifestyle.

Worst Food At Ruby Tuesday

One of the bad choices at this restaurant is Spinach Artichoke Dip with Unlimited Chips. It seems like an appetizer with spinach in its name would be a safe choice, but don’t get fooled. However, there are more calories in this fat-loaded appetizer than a hefty entrée.

Ruby Tuesday Menu Considerations

It can be frustrating for restaurant menus. Even the recipes that sound healthier are not as nutritious as they appear. The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad of Ruby Tuesday, for example, has over 800 calories. It has 53g of fat and 2399mg of sodium.

You will help decide how it blends into your overall nutritional picture for the day by paying attention to the ingredients used in various meals.

Common Questions

Is Ruby Tuesdays going out of business?

This restaurant chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As, part of its restructuring, it will close 185 stores throughout the U.S.

What’s the special at Ruby Tuesday’s today?

Get a Steak, Turkey Burger, Grill Chicken Sandwich, or a Blackened Fish Sandwich on Ruby Tuesday every Tuesday. It comes with fries or tots on the side for $5.

Does Ruby Tuesday give senior discounts?

It does not give members of AARP a senior discount or any discount.

Who is the original singer of Goodbye Ruby Tuesday?

“Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?” is a song out in January 1967. It was recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1966.

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