Pizza Hut is much more than meets the eye- whether you find yourself at this establishment because you are on a road trip, are part of a group delivery order to fuel a move, or are just craving a good old fashioned slice of hot pizza, there are still ways to make more nutritious choices. Despite being firmly in the indulgent lane, the few Pizza Hut nutrition options can be easily spotted on the menu.


You’ve found yourself at Pizza Hut, and while all foods fit in moderation, you don’t necessarily want to spend your caloric budget on sugary beverages. The smallest Mountain Dew alone has 220 calories and 58 grams of sugar; Pepsi and Sierra Mist are only marginally less caloric. So, save the space for the gooey cheese and carbohydrates, and order a water instead. Hydrate throughout your meal, as Pizza Hut foods do tend to be high in sodium, and water will keep you full.

Supplement Your Pizza Hut Nutrition with a Salad

Pizza Hut’s Chicken Caesar Salad- just hold the dressing on the side

No matter what you decide to order, plan to supplement with a salad – or order as your main course! Filling half of your plate (and stomach) with nutritious green’s will naturally help your portion control with other menu items. It is important to keep in mind that salad dressing’s are often the sneakiest source of fats, added sugars, and calories.

Order a salad and plan to top with your own dressing at home- a simple spritz of oil and vinegar will do. If you do decide to order salad dressing from the restaurant, select a light or vinegar-based option on the side- such as Light Italian Marzetti or Italian Vinaigrette. If you do need that creamy taste, select Light Ranch instead of Fat-Free, as Fat-Free alternatives often include additives that can cause gastric distress.

Asian Salad without dressing3301530830424
Classic Caesar Salad without dressing180607440424
Zesty Italian Salad- No dressing37022161150530
Light Italian Vinaigrette Dressing 806069000
Salads at Pizza Hut are healthy alternatives.

Pizza Hut Nutrition in Protein-dense Options

Pizza Hut Naked wings are not breaded and are naturally lower in calories/carbohydrates

It’s a well-kept secret that Pizza Hut does offer delicious pizza alternatives! Tuscani Meaty Marinara Pasta has fewer calories per portion than pizza, but be cautious of eating until satiated only, as the serving size is less easy to monitor than pizza, which is naturally portioned by slice.

Opt out of the side serving of breadsticks and request a side salad, if your chain offers salads. Pizza Hut also offers delicious chicken wings, which are protein-dense. If you do order chicken wings, the mode of preparation is very important- we recommend Naked wings, which are prepared with less added fats, with a side of dipping sauce on the side. If you do decide to get flavored wings, each Lemon Pepper Rub includes approximately the same calories.

Tuscani® Meaty Marinara Pasta88040421990788
*Naked – Bone Out Wing (each)8035516006
Lemon Pepper Rub – Bone Out Wing (each)8035520006
Honey BBQ Sauce (per 1 Bone Out Wing)20005505

Pizza Pie!

Veggie packed pizza with a thin crust is a tasty choice.

It might be hard to imagine going to Pizza Hut and leaving without a hot slice, which would be understandable! Despite the tough reputation, there is nothing inherently sinful or magical about a slice of pizza. As is true with all other foods, pizza is simply a blend of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. That being said, it is important to be mindful of a few meaningful choices that will make a more nutritious meal, starting with the…


Think of the crust as the vehicle to get delicious, melty proteins into your mouth. There are a few switches that will do the trick without breaking the bank- while Pizza Hut offers a few alternatives to their stuffed or pan crusts, it’s important to understand the differences before ordering.

Thin n’Crispy is essential a thin crust pizza and comes with the additional benefit of faster bake time. The Fit n’ Delicious pizza takes things one step further, reducing the cheese in half and offering leaner protein options. Pizza Hut does offer an Udi’s gluten-free option, which is inherently less caloric because the slices are smaller. Avoid Pizza Hut’s P’Zone calzone offering, which is twice the crust in approximately the same size as a pizza slice.


Order a pizza with at least a few veggies, as veggies contain fiber and are satiating. One medium Thin N’Crispy slice of Veggie Lover’s pizza, for example, has 180 calories, compared to 190 calories in one slice of buffalo chicken on the same crust, or 260 calories in one slice of Meat Lover’s.

You can request half or three-quarters of the typical cheese toppings, which will likely yield no noticeable taste difference while reducing calories from fat. Lastly, if choosing a meat pizza, opt for a lean protein, such as chicken. Hawaiian Chicken or Backyard BBQ Chicken are two delicious options that incorporate both chicken and veggies- though it never hurts to order an additional vegetable topping, such as green bell peppers or mushrooms.

Hawaiian Chicken – Medium Thin ‘N Crispy® Slice180610480224
Cheese – Medium Thin ‘N Crispy® Slice190710440222
Veggie Lover’s® – Medium Thin ‘N Crispy® Slice18068420224
Veggie Lover’s® – Udi’s® Gluten-Free Crust1003.54230115

Dip Wisely

Pizza Hut offers a variety of dipping and dunking options, depending on your selected menu idtem. It’s important to keep in mind that these calories can add up quickly. Furthermore, they’re delicious calories, which can make consumption challenging to monitor. In general, white cream-based sauces are more caloric than clearer tomato based sauces.

Marinara Dipping Sauce 45012902
Barbeque dipping sauce (3 oz)2100<1540<129

Skip Dessert

Think of your daily calorie allotment like a budget to spend wisely. Pizza Hut is not home of acclaimed desserts; it’s home of acclaimed pizza. It’s best to avoid the sub-par dessert offerings, all of which are also carbohydrate dense, and enjoy the main attraction instead.

A few basic principles to keep in mind with ordering:

Moderation is key

Try to eat until you’re pleasantly full, not stuffed. Eat mindfully and slowly- take time to enjoy conversation and community while eating. It’s important to not have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality when eating foods such as pizza. Two slices is twice the calories as one slice of pizza, etc. Moderate your intake and save the leftovers for later, being careful to also incorporate vegetables for satiety.

Balance is important

If you have Pizza Hut for one meal in the day, try to balance the rest of the day with complimentary food groups. The wonderful thing about nutrition is that it is flexible, and one’s nutritional status depends on patterns of eating and not a single meal. If you do decide to eat Pizza Hut for one meal, opt for home-cooked meals for the rest of the day, and preferably, the rest of the week. Rotate that food choice in with other lower fat, vegetable dense meal choices, such as lean proteins served with fresh vegetables.  

The Takeaway – Pizza Hut Gets a 2-Star Rating

Pizza Hut gets 2 stars out of 5

As a whole, Pizza Hut nutrtion is not part of a well-balanced diet. When eating at Pizza Hut, it’s important to drink water, choose wisely, skip the heavy sauces & dessert, and be mindful of portion size.

One a five-star ranking system, Pizza Hut is ranked two, as nearly all options are still high in sodium and added fats. Enjoy in moderation!

What are the calories in a Pizza Hut Pizza?

On average, there are 300 calories per slice in a Pizza Hut Pizza.

What is the healthiest option at Pizza Hut?

You will be looking at the Classic Caesar Salad without dressing for the healthiest option here.

How many calories are in a personal pan-size pizza at Pizza Hut?

Depending on the type of pizza you order, you are looking at upwards of 590 calories or more for a personal size pizza.

How can you reduce calories with pizza at Pizza Hut?

To reduce the calories in a pizza, be sure to order the thin-crust pizza rather than rising crust. This will keep the calorie count lower.

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