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Outback Steakhouse is located in Tampa, Florida. It is an Australian-themed American casual dining restaurant chain offering American cuisine. In 23 nations throughout North and South America, Asia, and Australia, the chain has over 1,000 outlets.

It was founded by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper, and Tim Gannon in March 1988, with its first office in Tampa. It was owned and run by OSI Restaurant Partners in the United States until it was purchased by Bloomin ‘Brands. It was bought globally through other franchise and venture agreements.

History of Outback Steakhouse

In 1996, Canadian Outback Steakhouse restaurants opened. Outback Steakhouse Canada unexpectedly closed all nine sites in the province of Ontario in March 2009, citing weak economic conditions.

A beautiful and spacious restaurant of outback steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse opened a branch in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in June 2009. A second location has been opened in Niagara Falls. However, these are Canada’s only operating Outback Steakhouse sites.

The Menu at Outback Steakhouse

It also includes a selection of items from burgers to salads, steaks, fish, and other American chain restaurant menu items.

Outback Australian cuisine is not particularly well defined. The menu of Outback Steakhouse does not reflect ordinary Australian foods that are well defined. Therefore, the chain can only be considered to use the Australian moniker as a theme restaurant for marketing purposes. It has no real effort to represent Australian cuisine despite the attempts of its visual merchandising to do otherwise.

An array of seafood options is on the menu. Outback is all about steaks and grilled meats. Burgers are ground out of tenderloin beef. There are strongly regionalized menus.

Crawfish feature, as do sweet potatoes, in some dishes in South American locations. Maine Lobster tails are frequently featured in Eastern locations. However, western locations often serve legs and cakes of the Alaskan King Crab.

It is a full bar with Australian beer brands such as Foster’s, Toohey’s Fresh, Boag’s, and Coopers Premium Lager, Sparkling Ale, and Pale Ale. Australian wineries are also included, including Yellow Tail, Lindeman’s, and Rosemount.

Blooming Onion at Outback Steakhouse

A signature Outback item is The Blooming Onion. It is an open, breaded, deep-fried one-pound onion cut to bloom. This is served with mayonnaise-horseradish sauce. As with Chili’s Amazing Blossom (discontinued) and Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon’s Texas Rose, other restaurants sell items similar to the Bloomin’ Onion.

A popular menu item with sauce at thee center

For high-calorie counts, many of the Bloomin’ Onions have come under pressure, often rising above 1,500 calories.

Baby Back Ribs

So, here’s another mouth-watering platter with a rack of pork ribs of the highest quality choice. With its signature blend of 17 secret spices, the Outback Steakhouse chefs rub them down. Then they smoke them in the house until they are tender and bursting with flavor.

They finish these baby bad boys on the wood-fire grill before serving with the delicious baby back ribs. After that, they are ready to devour these baby back ribs. Then they brush them with the tangy outback homemade BBQ sauce and they’re ready to go.

Seared Peppered Ahi

Seared Peppered Ahi is one of the best plates of fish one will ever have with the dipping sauce.

It never fails to add a smile of happiness to the face of its customers. It is served with a creamy ginger-soy sauce.

Do not miss this tasty and appetizing dish, or it will surely be regretted later. Place your order online and get discounts or cashback by applying the outback promo code. If you can’t go out and have a dish at any of the restaurants, it doesn’t matter.

Victoria’s Filet with Lobster Tail

If you’re trying to relieve your hunger pangs with something tasty, this is it.

The steak is sliced thick and hand-cut into a flawless filet. The chefs season it with the house-made Outback, a special blend of savory herbs and spices. Then sear it precisely to best taste on the grill.

Next, pair the Victoria’s Filet with the carefully harvested fresh cold water North Atlantic lobster tail from deep in the ocean. So, the lobster tail is cooked by Outback chefs using a special seasoning blend.

It brings out our seafood’s natural and authentic flavors. In addition to Victoria’s Filet, butter, lemon, and your choice of two of our delicious ones, it is expertly grilled. Then, it is served on a preheated tray. It’s one of the best dishes that one will ever taste in the world.

Grilled Chicken on Barbie

Let’s come to the next mouth-watering and very tasty dish. It is considered to be one of the strongest among all the others.

Pair this entry with a side of grilled asparagus instead of the mixed veggies. It comes with and goes all the way grilled. With the dressing on the side, add a house salad too. However, this is a large portion of chicken at eight ounces. It has a whopping 60-plus gram of protein The total for the meal clocks in at less than 500 calories.

This is one of Outback Steakhouse’s nutritious and tasty meals. You can order it online using promo codes and coupon codes to make use of the ongoing discounts and offers.

The Outback Burger

Tasty and nutritious food that’s just a click away and quicker than you can imagine. With many cashback deals and free and quick delivery at your door get it online at discounted rates.

Although, this pick is not as low in calories as some of the other entry choices from Outback. If you want a sandwich, it’s your best choice, and at 623 calories. It’s a far better option than the Bloomin’ Burger with 1,000-plus calories.

It supplies 37 grams of protein power, around three-quarters of its daily value. Miss the optional cheese. For some water-filled veggies that will help keep you full, pair it with a house salad with just a drizzle of dressing.

Grade of Steaks

It serves grade-grade wet-aged beef cooked over medium-high heat. It creates a steak without any flavor beyond the butter and spices they put on it. True steakhouses serve prime-grade dry-aged beef cooked over very high heat. This creates a steak with an outstanding Maillard crust that is deeply flavored (dry aging).

Changes in Menu

To help simplify things and make their cuisine more accessible for customers, it has made some modifications to its menu. Some new items are also introduced by Outback to help entice tourists.

Yummy, tender and juicy steak with sides

On Wednesday the 2nd, the latest Outback menu debuted. One of Outback’s main things is to differentiate their steaks by their type of cooking. Diners have a choice between Slow-Roasted, Seasoned and Seared, and Char-Grilled.

AARP Discount at Outback Steakhouse

Every day, it provides AARP members with 10 percent off. The discount is good for the whole search (some restrictions apply).

Visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner every day of the week. This can save 10% off your entire dining bill excluding alcohol, applicable taxes, and gratuity.

Only display your valid AARP membership card at any Outback restaurant location on any day of the week to enjoy your 10 percent discount.

Outback Military Discount

For servicemen and women, police officers, firefighters, and first responders, it has a 10 percent discount.

Display your ID on your server. It is not valid with or in accordance with any other bid, discount, or voucher with AARP Discount, Blooming Monday, Walkabout Wednesday.


Skip the cheese-fries topped Blooming Onion when it comes to dining at the Outback Steakhouse and heads straight for the healthier choices.

So, next time you want to give yourself or your friends a meal or make a date with your family, visit the Outback Steakhouse. For a limited time, you can purchase all of the above items, plus steak and unlimited shrimp. It sounds delicious to choose from garlic herb butter or crispy shrimp.

Common Questions

Is outback closing for good?

Blooming’s Brands company announced on Friday that it would close a total of 43 outlets. So, it includes some of its restaurants, including Outback, Carrabbas, and Bonefish Grill.

When was the first Outback Steakhouse opened and where?

February 1988, Tampa, Florida, United States

Does Outback Steakhouse give senior discounts?

This is true for lunch or dinner at the participating US outlets of Outback Steakhouse. It is not valid for orders online. There was no coupon required. There is 10 percent off the whole guest search for AARP members. It excludes alcohol, gift cards. with the show of valid AARP membership card.

Are Outback restaurants open?

For Curbside Takeaway and delivery services, all locations remain available. Your favorite delivery partner is also available for delivery: Doordash or Uber Eats. Delivery Partners vary by location of restaurants.

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