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Tailwind Nutrition is a supplement company based in Durango, Colorado. The company was founded by Jeff and Jenny Vierling to make supplements that cater to the needs of endurance athletes. Being endurance athletes themselves, they had both had negative experiences with the supplements they were using at the time. They and many of their peers had complaints about the digestive discomfort that supplements caused after taking them. After a 150 mile race, Jeff found himself throwing up and it was at this moment that he decided to work on a supplement that was as friendly to the gut as it was to the muscles.

First, he intensively studied the ingredients that go into nutrition supplements. Secondly, he started to develop formulas for the supplement till he found a few that would potentially work. He then proceeded to test the formulas on himself and fellow endurance athletes till he found the perfect one. In 2013, Tailwind nutrition was born.

Tailwind Nutrition Products

Unlike other supplement companies such as 1up Nutrition, Zhou, and Hum, Tailwind nutrition carries a very narrow line of products. While others carry over 20 products in about 5 categories, Tailwind only carries four products under 2 products categories. The two categories are Endurance fuel and Recovery drinks. Under Endurance fuel, there are two products; flavored endurance fuel and caffeinated endurance fuel. Endurance fuel has 9 flavors including mandarin, lemon, caffeinated green tea buzz, and caffeinated raspberry buzz. In the recovery drinks category, there are two products; recovery drinks and caffeinated recovery drinks.

Tailwind Nutrition’s Endurance Fuel supplement in Tropical Buzz flavor

Tailwind nutrition offers bundles of their products at reduced prices. For new customers, the company has starter packs to help you familiarize yourself with the products. The starter pack includes a single-use sachet of each of the products in both the endurance fuel and recovery drinks categories. The second bundle is called the Tailwind challenge where a customer purchases 4 full-sized endurance fuel packs to use for training for a race. If the customer is not satisfied with the products after the race, Tailwind promises to reimburse their entrance fee to the race up to a maximum of $150.

The Tailwind challenge contains 4 packs of Endurance Fuel

The company also carries other products that are not supplements. They include branded fitness gear for example water bottles, shirts, socks, hats, and of course face masks.

How do you use Tailwind nutrition supplements?

Endurance Fuel

Tailwind recommends consuming one single serving packet or two scoops from the larger pack, mixed with 24oz (about 710ml) of water per hour of activity. The company also advises one to adjust intake to meet individual calorie needs and use hunger as a guide. If one feels hungry, they can increase their calories.

Rebuild Recovery

Tailwind recommends consuming one single-serving packet, mixed with 16oz (about 500ml) of water within 30 minutes to an hour after exercise. For longer or more intense workouts, one can have a second serving of Rebuild in the next 30 minutes.

Why should you choose Tailwind nutrition?

It is has all you need for the race, really!

Tailwind supplements were designed by endurance athletes for endurance athletes. This ensured that the product was formulated to meet all the needs of the athlete that is to say fuel, hydration, and electrolytes. The founders made sure that the supplement could sustain the athletes for long day races and even multi-day races.

Since the motivation behind founding the company was digestive comfort, Tailwind supplements have a very mild taste and no after taste. Jeff actually said that he wanted the product to taste as close to water as possible.

Lastly, the supplements are very convenient for runners. They are lightweight, dissolve easily in water, and leave no mess behind after preparation.

Better absorption

The founders of Tailwind made sure that the formula mimics what goes out of your body as you run, that is to say, electrolytes, water, and energy. That and the fact that the sugars are in their simplest state ensures optimal absorption of the supplements.

Easy on the gut

Stomach pain and discomfort is a common concern for endurance athletes that use supplements and it was no exception for Jeff and Jenny and their close friends. The pair made this their main concern when developing the supplement formulas and in the end, they succeeded. They made the formulas with all-natural ingredients and flavors and no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


Even though the Tailwind nutrition supplements have better formulas, they are not more costly than other brands. To complete a 10-hour race, one would spend less than $20 on Tailwind supplements while most supplements like Gatorade would cost way more for the same task.


Even though many people think that protein enhances endurance during races, there is no evidence that supports this notion. For this reason, Tailwind did not include protein in their formulas.

Quality assurance in Tailwind Nutrition supplements

Tailwind assures the customers that their products are of high quality. However, they do not provide more information on the sourcing of their ingredients other than that they are organic and natural. This is not a good sign since most supplement companies including those of pets like Exotic Nutrition need to assure their customers of what they are buying.

Tailwind nutrition offers a 30-day refund policy for unsatisfied customers. However, the policy is only available for online purchases but not for Amazon and in-store purchases. The refund policy is also not available for water bottles, soft flasks, and speed cups.

Where can you get Tailwind Nutrition supplements from?

Tailwind is available online and in over 100 stores in the United States. Online, customers can get the supplements from the Tailwind nutrition website and Amazon. If a customer wants the supplements to be carried by a nearby supplier, they can put in a request for the company to supply the store.

A review of Tailwind supplements

In general, Tailwind supplements would score 4 stars out of 5. The company has a unique motivation behind their products. This makes them stand out from the sea of nutrition supplement companies out there. Secondly, the founders of the company focused on one niche to focus their products on and it is a niche they understand. Finally, the company has a very intimate touch to their product writing personal notes to all its customers to maximize the chances of a positive customer experience.

The reason why Tailwind does not score a 5-star review is its money-back guarantee. The terms and conditions attached to the guarantee seem to show that the company has very little intention to actually go through with the refund. On its own, this is not a problem but it implies that the company is not very certain of the quality of its products.

Common Questions

Is Tailwind nutrition any good?

Tailwind supplements are highly optimized for endurance athletes. Many athletes have seen positive results with the supplement but it is always best to try them yourself. It is advisable to get the starter pack at only $29 and get a feel of the company’s range of products.

What is Tailwind in running?

Tailwind nutrition is a supplement company that makes products for endurance athletes.

What are the benefits of Tailwind supplements?

Tailwind supplements are designed to help you replenish what you lose as you run that is to say electrolytes, energy, and water.

Where can I buy Tailwind supplements?

You can buy Tailwind supplements online from the official website or Amazon. You can also get the supplements in over 100 stores across the United States.

Are Tailwind supplements affordable?

Yes, Tailwind supplements are very affordable with a 10 hour race costing about $17.50 if you follow directions.

What is the nutrition composition of Tailwind Endurance fuel?

A serving of Tailwind Endurance fuel contains 200 calories …… and 0g of protein.

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