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Impulse Nutrition is located in Sun Center Plaza in downtown Gainesville. It is a smoothie and juice bar supplied with Herbalife products. To someone who has never been there before, it is a mystery and the first visit can be daunting. People are hooked on the Impulse craze right now and here’s why.

Impulse Nutrition isn’t your standard smoothie café. It’s not just your typical thing.

How to Order at Impulse Nutrition?

Upon entering, go to one of the tables immediately and grab a small colored sheet—this is how you can order. The standard “meal” of Impulse consists of an aloe shot, a tea for $8 (iced or hot), and a protein shake. This is what is on the colored paper you fill out.

A woman drinking the energy booster drink of impulse nutrition

For the aloe shot, you have a choice of raspberry, mandarin, or cranberry flavors. Hydration and digestive advantages are offered by the aloe shot.

It is the size of a shot in a teacup, but it is much more fun to take than a true shot. It tastes very good and refreshing, honestly. The mango flavor is my personal preference.

You have a broader range of flavors to choose from for the tea. Some of these are pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, green tea, and chai. You can have it hot or iced, but since I’m usually already profusely sweating from my workout, I’ve only ever tried it iced.

The tea has less than 10 calories and improves the metabolism for the day.

Drinks Available

As a country, we love our sugar drinks for a fast energy boost. The choices are various, from colas to energy drinks to five-hour shots. However, the sugars in those beverages do not benefit the teeth of the average citizen. Fortunately, without the sugary rot, there are alternative elixirs for the health-conscious who enjoy an energy boost.

Your biggest decision will be which protein shake to get.

Attractive banner of Isolate protein Products

Countless choices fall into the categories of proteins dependent on either coffee, fruit, chocolate, or vanilla. Boosts may also be added to any of the shakes. These shakes have the optimal amount of protein to replace a meal after a workout. They taste pretty good, too.

You would have consumed an overwhelming number of fluids by this time. You never thought you would drink in one sitting, but you will be addicted.

If you don’t already have enough fulfilling, balanced drinks to get you there the friendly workers will. The family that owns the company will make you feel comfortable, competent. They are so hospitable that will even begin to remember your name.

Bodybuilders usually push themselves even harder when they are going to Impulse after a workout. They feel better the rest of the day knowing that they put food that contributes to wellbeing into their body.

Grab some friends and have an intense workout for the blueberry cheesecake. For the nice employees, the friendship, and the health benefits, try Impulse Nutrition.

Menu at Impulse

There are a variety of drinks and shakes available at impulse. Here is a list of some of the many drinks offered at this amazing place.


  • Banana Nut
  • Birthday Cake
  • Cookies ‘n Cream
  • French Toast
  • Fried Ice Cream
  • Nutty Buddy
  • Nut Job
  • Peanut Butter Plank
  • Wedding Cake
  • White Chocolate PB Cup
  • Butterfinger
  • Chocolate Mousse


  • Chai
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Nature’s Raw Guarana
  • Peach
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry

Optional Add-ons

  • Active Fiber
  • Probiotic
  • Personalize Protein
  • Prolessa Duo (Fat Burner)
  • Immune Booster
  • Collagen Booster
  • H3o Hydration

They have a very limited menu as they only offer drinks. They should also include protein-rich foods at their outlet to grab more attention.

Impulse Energy Drink


8.3 fl oz can

Nutritional Info

Serving size8.3 fl. Oz
Servings per container1
Fats0 g
Sodium200 mg
Carbohydrates28 g
Sugars27 g
Protein1 g
Vitamin B6250%
Pantothenic acid50%
Vitamin C100%
Vitamin B1280%


The following ingredients are present in this energy drink such as Carbonated water, sucrose, taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, inositol, niacinimide, pyridoxine HCL, vitamin c (citric acid), vitamin b12, artificial flavors, and colors.

Impulse Supplements 25g Premium Protein Blend

It is a high-quality protein source providing 25g per serving to support muscles and recovery. It has very low carbs, 0 sugar, 1.2 grams of fat, 5grs BCAA, and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

A rack of impulse nutrition protein powders for weight gain

This super protein blend was designed to be used like muscle-building fuel. It was also to improve performance for athletes who wants to increase muscular mass or individuals who want to lose weight. This protein helps with fat loss while preserving muscle tissue and controls appetite.

Cook & bake all your favorites fall and Halloween recipes with Spicy Pumpkin Protein Powder.

It is formulated based on the latest nutritional science and studies performed in the world-class prestigious nutrition centers. It is Certificated Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, and made in the USA.


Whey protein comes from milk, has all the important amino acids, and is one of the best proteins. Two forms of protein are primarily present: Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate. In their degrees of purity, the biggest difference is.

Whey Concentrate: is 80 percent protein and incorporates milk sugar with more fat and lactose.

Whey Isolate: 98 percent protein, much purer, lactose, and fat-free.

To give you the best supplement you can find on the market, experts recommend Whey Isolate.

Protein Powders

These protein powders are still accredited and produced at GMP-registered plant in South Florida. It has the highest quality on the market. The team is heavily and proudly involved in the manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product. This ensures a flawless top-quality product to help you achieve your personal goals. At the same time, their devotion is to provide the clients with a safe and reliable product that they can always trust.

Prolive Bio6, 6-Lbs bottle presentation flavored with Halloween Special Edition Spicy Pumpkin is the latest product. The building blocks of muscle protein synthesis are the amino acids in the protein. A shake of whey protein eaten before or after exercise helps kick-start this phase of recovery.

Impulse Nutritional Whey Isolate

To complement your muscle development, fat loss, or exercise program, Impulse Nutritional Whey Isolate is the perfect nutritional ingredient.

Impulse Isolate is quickly digested, lactose-free, sugar-free, and fat-free. It packs an amazing amino acid profile. The pure whey protein isolate used in the WHEY ISOLATE of Impulse Nutrition is easily absorbed into the body.

It functions by transporting amino acids into muscle fibers to start the process of repair and rebuilding. Impulse Whey Isolate offers the best quality whey protein money can buy in pharmaceutical grade.

It has the most protein per serving, the least calories per serving, has no fat, no sugar, and less than 1g of lactose. This is why it is the purest whey protein isolate. On the market, most whey protein products do not even come close to that sort of purity.

 Impulse Whey Isolate not only has an unparalleled nutritional profile, it is also tastes fantastic and mixes quickly. Each flavor is taste-tested in the laboratory and approved before being published by a taste-test jury. Hence, it can be your best choice after a gym day.

Impulse Herbalife Products


Impulse Nutrition is a health food store, juice, and smoothie shop. It is also a community center providing a balanced nutritious choice for bodies and minds as well as a place to hang out.

Community is a major focus of the vision of Impulse Nutrition for staying healthy. They have activities such as Doggos, Puppers, and Protein Shakes, where guests are invited to bring in their pets.

Common Questions

What days is Impulse Nutrition open?

Mon-Fri 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sat 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

How is Impulse Nutrition rated?

Impulse Nutrition has 4.0 stars.

Is Impulse Nutrition currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, Impulse Nutrition offers takeout.

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