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A couple of brothers from Ohio started Brickhouse Nutrition in 2016. They were familiar with the sports nutrition industry. Products that were big on hype but low on outcomes saturated the market. Hence, they tried to develop great supplements that worked for athlete.

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As a result, they knew they had to go back to the drawing board to do something. To re-think the way they made athletic supplements and how they were administered to the body. A rockstar team of doctors and scientists was put together and the cutting-edge items that became BrickHouse Nutrition were made.

History of Brickhouse Nutrition

In 2016, two brothers from Columbus, Ohio, founded BrickHouse Nutrition. They had the idea of creating a high-quality lifestyle line to fill the gap left by today’s major manufacturers. They were active in the sports nutrition world for years and seeing shortcomings in the industry.

BrickHouse, now based in Texas, continues to remain on the cutting edge of nutraceutical progress. Our team works tirelessly to formulate the best products on the market today based on science and research.

Delivery System

It worked with some of the industry’s best names to formulate the products. They established an entirely different method of delivery of nutrition that proved to be more successful than anything currently available.

Utilizing this new approach they created their first product: Base. The brothers created a cellular energy product as their first product instead of the traditional protein powders. The answer is clear. Your body needs a solid foundation on which to create, just like building a house.

Nothing tough can be constructed without solid groundwork. The Foundation became the most successful product on the market to build the foundations for extreme growth. Brickhouse Nutrition required this step as that was just the start of its business.

BrickHouse helps create a better one, One Brick at a Time, aimed at enhancing your wellbeing, success, and overall life.

Return Policy

This business has successfully established an entirely different method of distribution of nutrition. It has proved to be more reliable than anything else on the market.

The efficiency of their goods is greater than all others we have seen and the findings speak for themselves.

Brickhouse Nutrition Categories

BrickHouse has two different product categories, Essentials, and Sport.

Three products, Field of Greens, Dawn to Dusk, and Fortify, are in the Essentials Collection. Such goods are suitable for athletes and average players.

Such goods are suitable for athletes and average players. For your daily health, they are “essential.” They help strengthen your immune system and raise your energy.

The Sport Set includes Foundation, and Important Amino Acids, and is geared more towards competitive athletes and weightlifters. You need to check out Brickhouse Nutrition’s Sport Set if you are training for your next marathon or a bodybuilding competition.

Field of Greens

Field Of Greens is the flagship product of Brickhouse Nutrition. It has more than 2,000 five star reviews. Supplement is fully organic and blends fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices with a wide range of colors.

Field of Greens

This supplement is a fantastic natural source of vitamins and minerals. Field of Greens is an anti-oxidant and helps to improve immunity and promote a healthy metabolism. It includes a mix of organic greens, organic red blend, an organic metabolic blend, and pre and probiotic organics.

One scoop of at least 8 oz of water a day is recommended. You can also mix it with juice. We felt it was pretty good for taste and easy to mix.

It’s especially good for people who don’t eat a lot of vegetables. People found a noticeable rise in their energy levels after taking Field Of Greens for a week. They also seemed to sleep better and generally just feel healthier.

We’d recommend Field Of Greens if you want to add only one supplement to your regular regimen.


Fortify is a bulletproof jacket for the body. It strengthens the immune system. It helps to withstand the attacks of the multitude of germs with which you come into touch daily.

In a single capsule, this jewel of a supplement provides the advantage of more than 20 different vitamins and minerals. In certain labs, these are not synthetic vitamins mixed. However, they are sourced from real food. There are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no synthetic products, and no preservatives.

This is the most perfect, cleanest multi-vitamin we have ever seen. Everybody with whom we spoke about it had a pleasant experience with it. BrickHouse offers a subscription plan for Fortify, like all the other items that give you a 10 percent discount. All it takes to vault your wellbeing to a new level is 2 capsules once a day.

Essential Amino Acids

The building blocks of life are Amino Acids. There are nine that are considered to be essential” because they are not naturally created by the body.

You need to consume these Vital Amino Acids from your diet. That is where BrickHouse Nutrition swoops in to save the day. They also provided a few “bonus” amino acids that are not required for athletes and individuals who like to beat their bodies.

If you are trying to create muscles, amino acids are very important. When taking Essential Amino Acids, we don’t feel any different, it’s more of a long-term health booster.

If you want to be strong for years to come, it is something that you can make part of your routine.

Dawn to Dusk

Do you ever suffer from a crash in the late afternoon? You’re aware of what I mean. You’re finishing up some paperwork at your desk after lunch, and your eyes are just beginning to close involuntarily. Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but at one point or another, everyone has experienced that lethargic feeling. 

To get real results, Dawn to Dusk utilizes real science and real ingredients. To keep you going strong, it naturally activates the body, brain, and cells for up to ten hours.

The guidelines start with one capsule per day and if you feel like you need it, step up to two. Don’t take it within six hours of your planned bedtime, that’s not what you want to do.

We took a few very long days off and it kept us awake, alert, and concentrated. We find an energy drink to work just as well and it’s a lot better for you. It does not make you jittery and after taking some other energy supplements, you never get the crash that you feel. You can see that Dawn To Dusk is filled with 5-star ratings if you check out BrickHouse’s website.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a best seller at BrickHouse and is the first addition to their “Sports” collection. It has close to 1,000 rave reviews and we can understand why after testing it.

The Foundation

It induces muscle excitability, calcium levels, blood flow, waste removal rates, and nutrient and oxygen delivery. The Foundation was formulated by physicians to maximize muscular performance. In terms of laymen, it helps you to last longer in the gym and push harder.

Take it about 30 minutes before the workout, and see a clear difference. Before getting tired, you will be able to lift more heavily and do more reps.

The reason your muscles tire in the gym is because that the exercise depletes calcium from your cells. It causes a decrease in muscular excitability. A 50 percent reduction in calcium will result in an 80 percent decrease in intensity. The Foundation helps to counteract this via increasing muscle excitability.

It is recommended to take 4 capsules every day, 30-60 minutes before your workout.

Brickhouse Nutrition Accessories

This doesn’t have anything to do with health or supplements. Brickhouse Nutrition does offer some pretty cool accessories for sale on their website. 

If you are looking to rep the brand, they have hats and hoodies, as well as shakers and tumblers.


We highly recommend BrickHouse Nutrition if you are looking for nutritional supplements that are more than just hype.

It’s great to know that there is a place you can go for high-quality supplements in the market. Usually, the market is filled with fakes and copycats that advertise you to improve your overall health.

Common Questions

How does Brickhouse offer military or first responder offer?
A 15 percent discount for any order is available for all serving, non-active military members and first responders.

How to use a coupon code?

Click the cart button on the right side of your screen and then press ‘Checkout’. You will be directed to the payment screen once you arrive on the ‘Cart Page’. You can find an area on the right-hand side of your screen where you can enter a gift card or coupon code.

How many servings are in a bottle of Field of Greens?

 Per bottle, there are a total of 30 servings. 10 grams of powder is present in each scoop.

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