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95 Nutrition prepares meals for people who want to meet their targets. Even it is weight loss, muscle growth, health enhancement, or even just helping people who are too busy to cook.

They meet with each of their clients. They come up with a diet plan based on the information obtained during the discussion. The diet plan best fits the needs, preferences, budget, and even encouragement of the person.

Logo of 95 Nutrition

Then they freshly prepare the value of food for a full week. They measure it precisely so that consumers know the calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein to take with each meal. Everyone is different and this should be reflected in their meal plans.

The whole point of the new business of the owner is to provide portion-controlled meals. They must taste good along with occasional treats such as Oreo cookie pie or bites from Snickers.

Every week the menu varies, and single purchases are available in the store in a refrigerator box.

Origin of Name 95 Nutrition

The company name comes from an expression among fitness enthusiasts that a person spends just 5 percent of their day in the gym. Their fitness, weight, and health are decided by what they do for the other 95 percent of their day. They know that it’s not easy.

95 Nutrition Menu

These are the top sellers according to the customer demands.

  • 95’s Buffalo Wing Wrap
  • European Spinach & Feta Pasta
  • Citrus BBQ Chicken
  • BBQ Chicken & Korean Quinoa
  • 95’s Buffalo Wing Wrap
  • European Spinach & Feta Pasta
  • Citrus BBQ Chicken
  • BBQ Chicken & Korean Quinoa

Training Program

To achieve your health goals, 95 Nutrition offers resources, advice, and encouragement. A nutritional diet combined with an efficient fitness program is the key to a healthy way of life. Their services are tailored to better serve you as an individual. They know that each individual has different strengths, limitations, concerns, and goals.

Fitness Coach

Their mission is to give their clients every chance to accomplish their fitness goals. A successful fitness program is an ideal complement to a balanced nutritious diet. They have a community of compassionate people committed to helping their clients hit new heights.

95 nutrition
95 nutrition Stack

Healthy Meals by 95 Nutrition

95 Nutrition provides prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner to pick up or deliver to your house. Delivery charges are included. The seven-day-a-week package costs $140/week ($5 per meal), which includes 28 meals. They also offer 5- or 6-day plans as well.

There is a motivation behind a growing number of food-prep programs. They have recently sprung up across Western New York. They keep people who lack kitchen expertise or time on track diet-wise.

These services work on a very basic premise: individuals pay a fixed price for a healthy range of freshly cooked meals. They are delivered in microwaveable portion, and available every week on a specified pick-up or delivery day. Dining plans provide seven to forty meals a week, costing about $5 and $7 a meal, respectively.

95 Nutrition ships nationally or prepares food at its Grand Island location for a Saturday delivery, which includes a cooler for grab-and-go products and a store for dietary supplements.

Food-prep consumers range from professional football players and bodybuilders to average individuals. Most of them are pressed for time due to a health scare or upcoming high school reunion or are trying to slim down.

Dishes include balsamic-glazed sirloin, pizza wraps, smokey applewood chicken, protein-packed banana bread, and southwest breakfast bowls. Skimming the meal prep menus shows that healthy does not always mean that it tastes like cardboard and compost.

Weight Watcher Points

Their menu shows weight watcher points so you can make your meal choices more sensibly.

Protein tends to have the highest appetite-satisfying effect of all the nutrients we can select. You are likely to feel fuller for longer when you include a source of lean protein in a meal.

However, you can also eventually make smarter food decisions that contribute to more effective weight loss. After physical exercise, high-quality protein helps facilitate muscle repair, healing, and regeneration.

To get best recovery, there is about an hour after a workout to eat up with protein. In this way, you may have with less pain and soreness, ready to go again the next day. Protein for repair, nutritious carbs for refueling, and fluids to rehydrate are the ideal snack combo.

Catchy Image of Packaged Product of 95 Nutrition


They are a easy to follow diet program that is rapidly growing. It has several customer touchpoints along their buying funnel. A regular e-commerce website would simply not have fulfilled their needs. They offer highly customizable dishes of restaurant quality, multiple physical locations, and various sizes of potions.

Common Questions

Is 95 Nutrition – Grand Island currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, 95 Nutrition – Grand Island offers delivery.

How is 95 Nutrition – Grand Island rated?

95 Nutrition – Grand Island has 4.5 stars.

What days are 95 Nutrition – Grand Island open?

95 Nutrition – Grand Island is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.


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